Watch App Walkthrough
Turn that frown upside down: A Watch App Case Study
Project Introduction
Does the whole world feel like it’s stressed or sad sometimes? Unfortunately, everyone faces troubles in their life. From youngsters stressing with their to-do list, to millennials looking at their overloading email inbox, and to social anxieties and pressures, there are everyday triggers in our lives that might affect our happiness. How can we combat such triggers?

The Solution - Create an app for digital watches that helps users in a variety of ways to relax when they are overwhelmed. 
Project Description
Introducing Divert, the app that helps you turn that frown upside down. This app includes happy images and motivational quote messages when people are experiencing unhappiness. 

Divert is a watch app that sends daily reminders, which include inspirational images to put a smile on your face throughout the day. The app also tracks your heart rate and “stress apps”–such as the news or Gmail–so that when your heart rate gets high or you spend too much time on your stress apps, Divert will send you a motivational reminder to relax. 

From daily reminders to tracking your heart rate and stress apps, Divert also has a happy feed. Combine Instagram and Tinder, and you get the Happy Feed. On the feed, you can swipe left or right on Pinterest-esque photographs. If you like a motivational photo, you can swipe right and add it to your saved files, or–as we like to call it–your Smile Files.
Color Theory
Hex codes for the five brand colors pink, yellow, and light, medium, and dark green.
I specifically chose the colors pink, yellow, and green because–according to the color theory–all evoke comfort and calm feelings. Associated with love and kindness, pink has traits such as warmth and calmness. Green associates with growth and health, and creates a cool feeling of relaxation. Associated with happiness, yellow provides an uplifting and motivational feeling.  
User Flow
Wireframes for the apps various features
Style Tile
Style tile featuring the logo, which is a tilted smiley face and an arrow turning it, the color palette, typography, and design elements.
The App
GIFs: App Functions
Mockup of a watch on a person's wrist, with Divert's homepage on the screen.
Watch In Use
Student work at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University
Emily McElwain-Siems, Art Director
Sketch, Invision, and Adobe Photoshop

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