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To Brew, or not to brew: Rebranding Case Study
Project Overview
Books & Brews, a small company in Indiana that is both a bookstore and bar, is a unique business with a focus on two main products: books and beer named after famous books. It combines two opposite industries, the rowdy bars and the quiet libraries, yet it produces a unique environment where people can socialize over their love of books and have a drink. 

Books & Brews provides an interesting opportunity for rebranding because their business contains many unique aspects (such as a decent-sized menu, a book club, and special events like karaoke night) and an interesting set of values (especially their goal of bringing people together to converse). We are rebranding Books & Brews because their business provides the opportunity for updating multiple components, such as the logo, website, and product design, and for showcasing their unique brand.
Creative Brief
Goals & Objectives
The goal of rebranding Books & Brews is to create a consistent identity and a style to better reflect the values of the brand. Success will look like a redesign of the logo and typography, a redesign of their menu, improving navigation and reorganizing the website, and deliverables following the consistent/new style and color palette. By redefining the company’s style, we hope to accomplish bringing in more customers. We do not only want to encourage engagement between customers but provide better engagement between the company and their audience, especially through social media.
Target Audience
The audience for Books & Brews is extroverted people who enjoy being social, reading and discussing books, drinking beer, playing board games, participating in special events such as karaoke night, and eating a variety of foods. The audience is a casual and calm crowd having peaceful conversations throughout the bar/library. The audience is a mix of calm and social--with the calming feeling of the library, but the social atmosphere of the bar. 

Additional details or personas about the people the company is trying to reach are those with an age range of about 25-50, those with local careers and a salary ranging from $15,000-70,000, and parents/family or friends with a common interest (reading/beer).
Books & Brew's tagline and primary message is “read. drink. converse.” After interacting with the brand, the audience should think that this is a great place to drink, read, and engage in invigorating conversations. With a social atmosphere, this company strives to break people free from the technology-induced world that we live in today and encourage conversations. 

A secondary message that the business will communicate is “a place for people without a place.” This company strongly believes in inclusivity and creating a welcoming environment for everyone. Their audience should walk away knowing that this is somewhere that they could belong. Another secondary message of Books & Brews is “local beer tastes better.” They believe in providing a space for their local community and take pride in a locally sourced menu, their local donations of books, and locally brewing their own beer. This company wants the local community to walk away thinking that this place is their second home.
Voice and Tone
The most important personality traits of the company that should come through are social, nostalgic, inclusive, and local. Books & Brew's tone should be inviting so that people feel welcomed and comfortable to socialize with each other.
Sitemap for Web
Sitemap for the home, about, books, brews, and menu page.
Wireframes for the home, about, books, community discussion, brews, and menu page.
the Brandbook
In the brand book for Books & Brews, I most notably explained my concept development (pages 7-14) and the system that I created (pages 15-24). 

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Mockup of the website on various screens overlapping each other.
All of the screens laid out and in vector.
The Website
Website GIFs: Upcoming Events Slider, Books and Community Navigation, Menu Scroll To Animation
Social Media
Social Media
Other Applications
The Menu
Beer Glass & Coasters
Student work at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University
Rodd Whitney, Art Director
Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Photoshop

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