Breanna Kerr, smiling in a white sweater in front of a solid light-blue background.
Hello, hello! My name is Breanna Kerr and I currently reside in the City of Brotherly Love. I have appreciated art and design since forever, and I fell in love with digital design as soon as I picked up an iPad in high school. Today, I am a creative in Philadelphia, PA, working towards my BFA in Graphic & Interactive Design with Entrepreneurial Studies at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art & Architecture. 

I have a focus on UX/UI design and enjoy creating websites and branding businesses that are passionate about what they do. While designing you can usually find me blasting music of any and all genres into my ears–classical has been the go-to while I have been working on my latest projects at Temple. Although I am a graphic designer by day, I am a crazy dog mom and green tea addict by night. I enjoy taking breaks from my design work by spending time with my fur-baby Bailey (crazy dog mom–did I mention that yet?) and volunteering at animal shelters, playing tennis, or baking (just perfected my snickerdoodle cookies). 

My philosophy is to trust the importance of research that goes into a project, and the story that comes out of it. Graphic designers are storytellers, and I believe telling stories and fashioning narratives brings power to design. As a designer, I value clear communication and effective storytelling along with visually appealing designs. My work embodies problem-solving, identifying opportunities, and bringing ideas to life.